Franconia Ridge Traverse
January 20, 2002

Participants: Rob, Dave, Ben, Ken, Mike,
Christian, Justin, John, Nate, Deb, Josh & Bob.

Jeff, playing in the snow near Camelot
Canoeing down from Observatory Peak
Starting the ascent to Little Haystack, just after sunrise
Bob, Justin, and John
Justin and Bob
Quantum atop Little Haystack, looking toward Mt. Lincoln
Descending from Little Haystack toward Mt. Lincoln
On the Summit of Mt. Lafayette. Back Row (L to R): Christian, Josh, Deb, Rob (hands up), Ben, Mike (in back), Justin & Nate. Front Row: John, Bob, Dave & Ken. Thanks to Dave for the photo. [Full res]
Bob, removing his snowshoes on the descent from Lafayette
Taking a break at the Greenleaf Hut. Back Row (L to R): Christian, Ken (sitting), Mike (furthest back), Justin, Rob, Dave. Front Row (L to R): John, Nate, Ben, Deb (in grey), Josh, Bob. Thanks to Dave for the photo. [Full res]
Mt. Lafayette, Mt. Lincoln & Little Haystack
Rob at Camelot, Monday morning

All images copyright 2002 by Rob Jagnow or Dave Andersen.